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Word - rootword - affixes
hilahila - hila - x2~
hi.la.hi.la. - 4 syllables

x2 = hilahila

hilahila [hi.lâ.hi.lâ.] : slug (n.) [mananap]; snail (n.) [mananap]; laze (v.)
hila [hí.lâ.] : do something slowly (v.)

Derivatives of hila

n. (artifact)1. bullet, sluga projectile that is fired from a gun.
~ cartridgeammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun.
~ dumdum, dumdum bulleta soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound.
~ full metal jacketa lead bullet that is covered with a jacket of a harder metal (usually copper).
~ projectile, missilea weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled.
~ rifle balla bullet designed to be fired from a rifle; no longer made spherical in shape.
~ rubber bulleta bullet made of hard rubber; designed for use in crowd control.
n. (quantity)2. sluga unit of mass equal to the mass that accelerates at 1 foot/sec/sec when acted upon by a force of 1 pound; approximately 14.5939 kilograms.
~ mass unita unit of measurement for mass.
n. (possession)3. sluga counterfeit coin.
~ coina flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money.
n. (person)4. slug, sluggardan idle slothful person.
~ do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bumperson who does no work.; "a lazy bum"
n. (food)5. slugan amount of an alcoholic drink (usually liquor) that is poured or gulped.; "he took a slug of hard liquor"
~ alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, inebriant, intoxicanta liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent.; "alcohol (or drink) ruined him"
n. (artifact)6. slug, type sluga strip of type metal used for spacing.
~ type metalan alloy of tin and lead and antimony used to make printing type.
n. (animal)7. slugany of various terrestrial gastropods having an elongated slimy body and no external shell.
~ gastropod, univalvea class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes.
~ family limacidae, limacidaeslugs.
n. (act)8. biff, clout, lick, poke, punch, slug(boxing) a blow with the fist.; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
~ counterpunch, parry, countera return punch (especially by a boxer).
~ knockout punch, ko punch, sunday punch, haymakera hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing.
~ hooka short swinging punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent.
~ jaba quick short straight punch.
~ rabbit puncha short chopping blow to the back of the neck.
~ sucker punchan unexpected punch.
~ boxing, pugilism, fisticuffsfighting with the fists.
~ blowa powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon.; "a blow on the head"
v. (contact)9. slog, slug, swigstrike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat.; "He slugged me so hard that I passed out"
~ hitdeal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument.; "He hit her hard in the face"
v. (social)10. idle, laze, slug, stagnatebe idle; exist in a changeless situation.; "The old man sat and stagnated on his porch"; "He slugged in bed all morning"
~ moon around, moon on, moonbe idle in a listless or dreamy way.
~ ride the bench, warm the benchbe out of the game.; "Miller was riding the bench in Saturday's game"
~ moon, daydreamhave dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake.; "She looked out the window, daydreaming"
~ arse about, arse around, bum about, bum around, frig around, fuck off, loaf, loll around, lounge about, lounge around, waste one's time, bum, lollbe lazy or idle.; "Her son is just bumming around all day"
~ lie about, lie aroundhang around idly.; "She did all the work while he lay around"
n. (animal)1. snailfreshwater or marine or terrestrial gastropod mollusk usually having an external enclosing spiral shell.
~ gastropod, univalvea class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes.
~ scorpion shellany of numerous tropical marine snails that as adults have the outer lip of the aperture produced into a series of long curved spines.
~ edible snail, helix pomatiaone of the chief edible snails.
~ garden snailany of several inedible snails of the genus Helix; often destructive pests.
n. (food)2. escargot, snailedible terrestrial snail usually served in the shell with a sauce of melted butter and garlic.
~ edible snail, helix pomatiaone of the chief edible snails.
~ meatthe flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food.
v. (contact)3. snailgather snails.; "We went snailing in the summer"
~ whelkgather whelk.
~ gather, pull together, collect, garnerassemble or get together.; "gather some stones"; "pull your thoughts together"
n. (body)1. hilum, hilus(anatomy) a depression or fissure where vessels or nerves or ducts enter a bodily organ.; "the hilus of the kidney"
~ fissure(anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes.
~ anatomy, general anatomythe branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals.
n. (plant)2. hilumthe scar on certain seeds marking its point of attachment to the funicle.
~ pointthe precise location of something; a spatially limited location.; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"