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wonder : kahibudnganan (n.); katingalahan (n.); pagtingala (n.); tingala (v.)

Glosses: (~ related words)
n. (feeling)1. admiration, wonder, wondermentthe feeling aroused by something strange and surprising.
~ amazement, astonishmentthe feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising.; "he looked at me in astonishment"
~ awean overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration.; "he stared over the edge with a feeling of awe"
n. (event)2. marvel, wondersomething that causes feelings of wonder.; "the wonders of modern science"
~ happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrentan event that happens.
n. (cognition)3. curiosity, wondera state in which you want to learn more about something.
~ cognitive state, state of mindthe state of a person's cognitive processes.
~ desire to know, lust for learning, thirst for knowledgecuriosity that motivates investigation and study.
~ interest, involvementa sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something.; "an interest in music"
~ curiousness, inquisitivenessa state of active curiosity.
v. (cognition)4. enquire, inquire, wonderhave a wish or desire to know something.; "He wondered who had built this beautiful church"
~ query, questionpose a question.
~ requestinquire for (information).; "I requested information from the secretary"
v. (communication)5. question, wonderplace in doubt or express doubtful speculation.; "I wonder whether this was the right thing to do"; "she wondered whether it would snow tonight"
~ chew over, meditate, mull, mull over, muse, ponder, think over, excogitate, reflect, ruminate, speculate, contemplatereflect deeply on a subject.; "I mulled over the events of the afternoon"; "philosophers have speculated on the question of God for thousands of years"; "The scientist must stop to observe and start to excogitate"
~ scruplehave doubts about.
v. (communication)6. marvel, wonderbe amazed at.; "We marvelled at the child's linguistic abilities"
~ react, respondshow a response or a reaction to something.