Kapwa - in Bisaya?

Hi all, is there a cebuano equivalent of the tagalog word kapwa , that gives the same sense of kinship? Kapwa is described as "a recognition of a shared identity, an inner self, shared with others. This Filipino linguistic unity of the self and the other is unique and unlike in most modern languages" (Professor Virgilio Enriquez, founder of Sikolohiyang Pilipino). Do cebuano have something similar?

Kapwa = "ISIG" in Bisaya

Kapwa = "ISIG" in Bisaya (fellow)

kapwa tao = isigkatawo (fellowman)

Same sense of kinship in Bisaya.

  • Clan = Gupa
    1. Kagupa = clan member
    • Kadugo = blood relative
  • Family = Banay
    • Kabanay = family member
  • Brood = Liwat
    • Kaliwat = member of tribe/race Eg. Kaliwat Bisaya = Bisaya tribe, Bisaya race
  • Budaya = Culture
    • Kabudaya = of the same culture. Eg. Budayang Bisaya = Bisaya culture

Kahugpongang Himungaya = Collective consciousness