French girl wants to learn Bisaya! Palihug tabangi ko :)

Hi everyone! :)

I just came back to France after spending 8 amazing months in the Philippines, especially in Bohol. I literally LOVED my experience there! the landscapes, the people, their smiles!... so I learned a bit how to speak Bisaya. Pero hadlok ko nga kalimot ko tanan akong bisaya kay dugai wala practice ug gusto ko makahibalo mas daghang :) that's why I am here. I could also ask my friends but as I am a very curious person, I don't want to disturb them everyday, every hour. 

For the vocabulary, I think the only and most efficient way is to learn the words by heart. Most of my questions are about your syntax, like how you build long and complex sentences?

Like how would you say:
1) My mother told me to come back home before midnight.
2) I don't know when the fiesta will start.

And how do you translate the following words and sentences:
- even if (he doesn't want to eat, even if we force him to)
- anyway (walay siya labot "anyway")
- unless (I will not go out tomorrow, unless the weather will be nice)
- besides (she is very kind. Besides, she is very smart)
- who (not "kinsa" but like: I hope there are people who can help me :) )

That's all my questions for now. Of course, nalipay kaayo ko kung gusto mo makahibalo French! So if you want to learn some, just tell me.

Daghang salamat sa advance!


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