help total newbie to understand that :D

     just for interest I'd like to know what these two are talking about , it's from relationship status where I am that other part,hhe

my first post here,sorry if I make something wrong,and wanna know is that good place for ask help for little translations like that:)

    I edited it little bit,but sorry if still unclear

111:  wow langga ikaw na
222:  Hehe o ate hehehe u know lomalovlife lng si yads hehehe
111:  eiyyyy I miss u..laag ngari dumanjug
222:  Ok pm lng ate wen nimo ako gusto paaraon ha ok kay gnhan lo anha pud ok
111:  now na lol
222:  Ate oi maldita basta anha ko basta pm me when ok
111:  I want now na
222:  Ate oi maldita tigum sako bisag png snaks nko wala ko extra plete rah hehe
111:  hahaha
111:  daghan bya ka datch
222:  Aw ate oi dili bya ko kaluha sa uban dadahan