Chrome plug in and discord.

Hi. I'm Koneho. I've been living in the Philippines for two years with my lovely eastern Boholano speaking partner. I have a small question, has a wonderful plug in for chrome for Tagalog. I am inquiring as to if we have one for Cebuano as well? If so, could I be directed to a good popup cebuano dict?

Secondly, I would like to humbly invite everyone to our PH languages chatroom on discord (like IRC but for the 21st century), just bear in mind we run very young (other than our in house linguist who studies generative grammar things) we're all in our early to mid twenties.

If anyone has any issues configuring it let me know here on, or you may reach me directly on discord with the handle Koneho#5369.

Here are some links to our statistics: An over view of general activity for the past two weeks.

Channel over view showing Cebuano as the most active regional language chat, followed by kampampangan as a strong second. With 549 messages for Cebuano and 510 messages for Kapampangan.

If you are a linguist (not just focusing on austronesian, our local kapampangan and pangansinan linguist is mostly interested in demonstratives and presentatives). You may request a special linguist tag. We strive to educate that our inhouse linguists are not "pro drivers of cars", but "pro mechanics" they know how a language works, but can't always use them well.

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