Resources for Learning Bisaya?

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Hello everyone,


What resources do you recommend for learning Bisaya?


I have a few small books but they're not written very well and have some mistakes.

One problem I have with reading Bisaya is when people use a lot of slang words and

a few inconsistencies in spellings, for example "ug" versus "og".

That's a simple example but sometimes I see other, bigger words, with different spellings.


I'm hoping to find some good books and maybe audio (spoken slowly) that would help.



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Hi Mark, pleased to meet a fellow sufferer :)

I've been learning Cebuano now for 6 years. With a sad result, as I'm an online teacher of Danish, and my students learn a lot faster. Reason: lack of good studying materials. Your 'og' and 'ug' is simple: ug; and - 'og' is an article, but often used at random because as far as I know, there are no official guidelines for Cebuano way of spelling. I use online flashcards, You may want to look at these: CEBUANO GRAMMAR STUDY - WORD ORDER - V1 and CEBUANO GRAMMAR STUDY - WORD ORDER - V2 .

I created them with help from a native Cebuano friend, so the are if not perfect, close enough to correct :)