Ways to say "realize" in Bisaya

What is the Bisaya equivalent of "realize"? Perhaps there is no one specific word and it requires some circumlocution, but I don't feel satisfied just using a phrase like "unya nakahibalo na ko nga..." Is there any better verb I can use? I have also heard phrases such as "nalamdagan na ko," but that seems like too strong language for a casual use of "realize." 


Here's what I think

The definition of realize:

verb. (1) become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly. (2) cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen.

* from Oxford Languages

For the meaning (1), matngun is usually used. It means "heed". To realize is just to be able to heed something i.e. to notice. Thus, pakamatngun is used. For example:

  • Nakamatngun kú nga gihulug sa idíng ang basu. (I realized that the cat has pushed the glass off).
  • Makamatngun silá nga dili' kiní angay buhatun. (They will realize that this is not appropriate to do).
  • Gipakamatngun naku' siyá. (I made them realize).

For the meaning (2), tinu'ud is used. It means "truth, that which is said truthfully". To realize say, a plan, just means to make true that plan. Thus pagintinu'ud is used. For example:

  • Nagintun'ud siyá sa damgu niya. (They realized their dream).
  • Magintinu'ud kú sa bubuhatun natu'. (I will realize what we will be doing).
  • Gipagintinu'ud naku' ang hinuna'huna' naku'. (I realized what I thought of).

* Note: the affix pagin- has been replaced in colloquial speech with pag- (durative affix) + paka- (abilitative affix), forming pagpaka-.