How to really use the cebuano verbal affic "-han" or "-an"

Hello, I'm new here. I've been using this website for some time but I've decided make an account because learning bisaya on my is really difficult and frustrating and I need some help. I've got some questions and I hope people who really knows the language can help me. I've been able to learn some on my own and grasp some grammatical concepts and rules but some things really confuses the heck out of me. So, my question is regarding the verbal affix "-an" and to some extent the affix "-on". Why do they work with some words and just don't with others? How do you really use them? For example:

Hiwa (cut)

Hiwa-a ang utanon

Hiwa-on naku ang utanon


Hiwa-i ang utanon

Hiwa-an naku ang utanon

I don't know what's the case but "hiwa-i" just doesn't sound right. And there are some othere words just doesn't feel right with one or the other of the those two affixes. Please can someone help? I've been trying to analyze it but it's really frustrating and confusing. Oh and I hope you're ok with me writing this in english, I'm still struggling with bisaya. Tudloi ko palihug lang, salamat.