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bahar [ba.har.] : lower (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: bahar: go down ]

Derivatives of bahar

n. (artifact)1. lower, lower berththe lower of two berths.
~ built in bed, bunk, bertha bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers.
v. (motion)2. bring down, get down, let down, lower, take downmove something or somebody to a lower position.; "take down the vase from the shelf"
~ move, displacecause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.; "Move those boxes into the corner, please"; "I'm moving my money to another bank"; "The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant"
~ come down, descend, go down, fallmove downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way.; "The temperature is going down"; "The barometer is falling"; "The curtain fell on the diva"; "Her hand went up and then fell again"
~ reeflower and bring partially inboard.; "reef the sailboat's mast"
~ depresslower (prices or markets).; "The glut of oil depressed gas prices"
~ diplower briefly.; "She dipped her knee"
~ inclinelower or bend (the head or upper body), as in a nod or bow.; "She inclined her head to the student"
v. (change)3. lour, lowerset lower.; "lower a rating"; "lower expectations"
~ devaluelower the value or quality of.; "The tear devalues the painting"
~ deratelower the rated electrical capability of electrical apparatus.
~ subordinate, subduemake subordinate, dependent, or subservient.; "Our wishes have to be subordinated to that of our ruler"
v. (change)4. lour, lower, turn downmake lower or quieter.; "turn down the volume of a radio"
~ minify, decrease, lessenmake smaller.; "He decreased his staff"
v. (contact)5. depress, lowercause to drop or sink.; "The lack of rain had depressed the water level in the reservoir"
~ alter, change, modifycause to change; make different; cause a transformation.; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
v. (body)6. frown, glower, lour, lowerlook angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval.
~ scowlfrown with displeasure.
~ grimace, make a face, pull a facecontort the face to indicate a certain mental or emotional state.; "He grimaced when he saw the amount of homework he had to do"