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akatar [a.ka.tar.] : attend to (v.); pay heed (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: acatar: heed ]

Derivatives of akatar

attend to
v. (cognition)1. attend to, take to heartget down to; pay attention to; take seriously.; "Attend to your duties, please"
~ bear in mind, mindkeep in mind.
v. (social)2. assist, attend, attend to, serve, wait onwork for or be a servant to.; "May I serve you?"; "She attends the old lady in the wheelchair"; "Can you wait on our table, please?"; "Is a salesperson assisting you?"; "The minister served the King for many years"
~ valetserve as a personal attendant to.
~ aid, assist, helpgive help or assistance; be of service.; "Everyone helped out during the earthquake"; "Can you help me carry this table?"; "She never helps around the house"
~ fagact as a servant for older boys, in British public schools.
~ servedevote (part of) one's life or efforts to, as of countries, institutions, or ideas.; "She served the art of music"; "He served the church"; "serve the country"
pay heed
v. (perception)1. advert, attend, give ear, hang, pay heedgive heed (to).; "The children in the audience attended the recital quietly"; "She hung on his every word"; "They attended to everything he said"
~ listenhear with intention.; "Listen to the sound of this cello"
~ fixatepay attention to exclusively and obsessively.; "The media are fixating on Princess Diana's death"