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Word - rootword - affixes
banwahanon - banwa - -hanon~
ban.wa.ha.nun. - 4 syllables

-hanon = banwahanon

banwahanon : fairy (n.)
banwa [ban.wa.] : fatherland (n.); thicket (n.)
Synonyms: engkanto

Derivatives of banwa

n. (person)1. faerie, faery, fairy, fay, spritea small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers.
~ spiritual being, supernatural beingan incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events.
~ elf, gremlin, imp, pixie, brownie, hob, pixy(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous.
~ fairy godmothera female character in some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero or heroine.
~ gnome, dwarfa legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure.
~ morgan le fay(Arthurian legend) a wicked enchantress who was the half sister and enemy of King Arthur.
~ puck, robin goodfellowa mischievous sprite of English folklore.
~ oberson(Middle Ages) the king of the fairies and husband of Titania in medieval folklore.
~ titania(Middle Ages) the queen of the fairies in medieval folklore.
~ tooth fairya fairy that is said to leave money at night under a child's pillow to compensate for a baby tooth falling out.
~ water spirit, water sprite, water nympha fairy that inhabits water.
n. (person)2. fag, faggot, fagot, fairy, nance, pansy, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queeroffensive term for an openly homosexual man.
~ derogation, disparagement, depreciationa communication that belittles somebody or something.
~ gay man, shirtliftera homosexual man.
n. (group)1. brush, brushwood, coppice, copse, thicketa dense growth of bushes.
~ botany, flora, vegetationall the plant life in a particular region or period.; "Pleistocene vegetation"; "the flora of southern California"; "the botany of China"
~ brakean area thickly overgrown usually with one kind of plant.
~ canebrakea dense growth of cane (especially giant cane).
~ spinneya copse that shelters game.
~ underbrush, undergrowth, underwoodthe brush (small trees and bushes and ferns etc.) growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest.