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delikado [di.li.ká.du.] : dangerous (adj.); delicate (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: delicado: delicate ]

Derivatives of delikado

adj. 1. dangerous, unsafeinvolving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm.; "a dangerous criminal"; "a dangerous bridge"; "unemployment reached dangerous proportions"
~ breakneckmoving at very high speed.; "a breakneck pace"
~ chanceful, chancy, dicey, dodgyof uncertain outcome; especially fraught with risk.; "an extremely dicey future on a brave new world of liquid nitrogen, tar, and smog"
~ desperate(of persons) dangerously reckless or violent as from urgency or despair.; "a desperate criminal"; "taken hostage of desperate men"
~ hazardous, risky, wildinvolving risk or danger.; "skydiving is a hazardous sport"; "extremely risky going out in the tide and fog"; "a wild financial scheme"
~ insidiousintended to entrap.
~ mordaciousbiting or given to biting.; "they deliberately gave me a skittish and mordacious mount"
~ on the hookcaught in a difficult or dangerous situation.; "there I was back on the hook"
~ parlous, perilous, touch-and-go, precariousfraught with danger.; "dangerous waters"; "a parlous journey on stormy seas"; "a perilous voyage across the Atlantic in a small boat"; "the precarious life of an undersea diver"; "dangerous surgery followed by a touch-and-go recovery"
~ self-destructive, suicidaldangerous to yourself or your interests.; "suicidal impulses"; "a suicidal corporate takeover strategy"; "a kamikaze pilot"
~ treacherous, unreliabledangerously unstable and unpredictable.; "treacherous winding roads"; "an unreliable trestle"
~ unsafe, insecurelacking in security or safety.; "his fortune was increasingly insecure"; "an insecure future"
~ vulnerablesusceptible to attack.; "a vulnerable bridge"
adj. 2. dangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, serious, severecausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm.; "a dangerous operation"; "a grave situation"; "a grave illness"; "grievous bodily harm"; "a serious wound"; "a serious turn of events"; "a severe case of pneumonia"; "a life-threatening disease"
~ criticalbeing in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency.; "a critical shortage of food"; "a critical illness"; "an illness at the critical stage"
adj. 1. delicateexquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury.; "a delicate violin passage"; "delicate china"; "a delicate flavor"; "the delicate wing of a butterfly"
~ dainty, exquisitedelicately beautiful.; "a dainty teacup"; "an exquisite cameo"
~ gossamer, etherealcharacterized by unusual lightness and delicacy.; "this smallest and most ethereal of birds"; "gossamer shading through his playing"
~ fragilevulnerably delicate.; "she has the fragile beauty of youth"
~ light-handedhaving a metaphorically delicate touch.; "the translation is...light-handed...and generally unobtrusive"
~ overdelicateextremely delicate.; "an overdelicate digestive system"
~ pastellacking in body or vigor.; "faded pastel charms of the naive music"
~ tender(of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition.; "tender green shoots"
~ breakablecapable of being broken or damaged.; "earthenware pottery is breakable"; "breakable articles should be packed carefully"
~ frailphysically weak.; "an invalid's frail body"
~ weakwanting in physical strength.; "a weak pillar"
adj. 2. delicatemarked by great skill especially in meticulous technique.; "a surgeon's delicate touch"
~ skilledhaving or showing or requiring special skill.; "only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team"; "a skilled surgeon has many years of training and experience"; "a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow"; "a skilled trade"
adj. 3. delicate, fragile, fraileasily broken or damaged or destroyed.; "a kite too delicate to fly safely"; "fragile porcelain plates"; "fragile old bones"; "a frail craft"
~ breakablecapable of being broken or damaged.; "earthenware pottery is breakable"; "breakable articles should be packed carefully"
adj. 4. delicate, softeasily hurt.; "soft hands"; "a baby's delicate skin"
~ untoughened, tenderphysically untoughened.; "tender feet"
adj. 5. delicate, finespundeveloped with extreme delicacy and subtlety.; "the satire touches with finespun ridicule every kind of human pretense"
~ refined(used of persons and their behavior) cultivated and genteel.; "she was delicate and refined and unused to hardship"; "refined people with refined taste"
adj. 6. delicate, ticklish, touchydifficult to handle; requiring great tact.; "delicate negotiations with the big powers"; "hesitates to be explicit on so ticklish a matter"; "a touchy subject"
~ difficult, hardnot easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure.; "a difficult task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?"
adj. 7. delicateof an instrument or device; capable of registering minute differences or changes precisely.; "almost undetectable with even the most delicate instruments"
~ sensitiveresponsive to physical stimuli.; "a mimosa's leaves are sensitive to touch"; "a sensitive voltmeter"; "sensitive skin"; "sensitive to light"