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komersiyante [ku.mir.si.yan.ti.] : merchant (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: comerciante: merchant ]
Synonyms: komersyante

Derivatives of komersiyante

n. (person)1. merchandiser, merchanta businessperson engaged in retail trade.
~ bakersomeone who bakes commercially.
~ book seller, bookdealera dealer in books; a merchant who sells books.
~ bourgeois, businesspersona capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise.
~ butcher, meatmana retailer of meat.
~ clothier, haberdashera merchant who sells men's clothing.
~ grain merchanta merchant who deals in food grains.
~ grocera retail merchant who sells foodstuffs (and some household supplies).
~ hatmaker, hatter, milliner, modistesomeone who makes and sells hats.
~ jeweler, jewellersomeone in the business of selling jewelry.
~ poulterer, poultrymana dealer in poultry and poultry products.
~ retail merchant, retailera merchant who sells goods at retail.
~ rug merchanta merchant who sells rugs.
~ salt merchant, saltersomeone who makes or deals in salt.
~ schlockmeister, shlockmeister(slang) a merchant who deals in shoddy or inferior merchandise.
~ marketer, seller, trafficker, vender, vendorsomeone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money.
~ market keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, tradesmana merchant who owns or manages a shop.
~ stationer, stationery sellera merchant who sells writing materials and office supplies.
~ bargainer, dealer, monger, tradersomeone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold.
~ merchant-venturer, venturera merchant who undertakes a trading venture (especially a venture that sends goods overseas).
~ vintner, wine merchantsomeone who sells wine.
~ charles henry harrod, harrodEnglish merchant who took over a shop in London that was expanded by his son into a prestigious department store (1800-1885).
~ charles digby harrod, harrodEnglish merchant who expanded his father's shop in London into a prestigious department store (1841-1905).