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komprometer [kum.pru.mi.tir.] : pledge (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: comprometer: commit oneself ]

Derivatives of komprometer

n. (possession)1. pledgea deposit of personal property as security for a debt.; "his saxophone was in pledge"
~ security interestany interest in a property that secures the payment of an obligation.
~ pawnan article deposited as security.
n. (person)2. pledgesomeone accepted for membership but not yet fully admitted to the group.
~ fellow member, memberone of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization).; "only members will be admitted"; "a member of the faculty"; "she was introduced to all the members of his family"
n. (food)3. pledge, toasta drink in honor of or to the health of a person or event.
~ drinka single serving of a beverage.; "I asked for a hot drink"; "likes a drink before dinner"
n. (communication)4. assurance, pledgea binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something.; "an assurance of help when needed"; "signed a pledge never to reveal the secret"
~ dedication, commitmenta message that makes a pledge.
~ guarantee, warranty, warrantee, warranta written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications.
~ guaranteean unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true.; "there is no guarantee that they are not lying"
~ plight, trotha solemn pledge of fidelity.
~ vowa solemn pledge (to oneself or to another or to a deity) to do something or to behave in a certain manner.; "they took vows of poverty"
v. (communication)5. pledge, plightpromise solemnly and formally.; "I pledge that I will honor my wife"
~ promise, assuremake a promise or commitment.
~ vowmake a vow; promise.; "He vowed never to drink alcohol again"
~ guarantee, vouchgive surety or assume responsibility.; "I vouch for the quality of my products"
~ covenantenter into a covenant or formal agreement.; "They covenanted with Judas for 30 pieces of silver"; "The nations covenanted to fight terrorism around the world"
~ covenantenter into a covenant.
v. (possession)6. pledge, subscribepay (an amount of money) as a contribution to a charity or service, especially at regular intervals.; "I pledged $10 a month to my favorite radio station"
~ donategive to a charity or good cause.; "I donated blood to the Red Cross for the victims of the earthquake"; "donate money to the orphanage"; "She donates to her favorite charity every month"
v. (consumption)7. drink, pledge, salute, toast, wassailpropose a toast to.; "Let us toast the birthday girl!"; "Let's drink to the New Year"
~ booze, drink, fuddleconsume alcohol.; "We were up drinking all night"
~ givepropose.; "He gave the first of many toasts at the birthday party"
~ honor, honour, rewardbestow honor or rewards upon.; "Today we honor our soldiers"; "The scout was rewarded for courageous action"
v. (communication)8. pledgegive as a guarantee.; "I pledge my honor"
~ collateralizepledge as a collateral.; "The loan was collateralized by government bonds"
~ giveoffer in good faith.; "He gave her his word"
~ hypothecatepledge without delivery or title of possession.
~ consign, chargegive over to another for care or safekeeping.; "consign your baggage"
v. (communication)9. pledgebind or secure by a pledge.; "I was pledged to silence"
~ oblige, obligate, bind, holdbind by an obligation; cause to be indebted.; "He's held by a contract"; "I'll hold you by your promise"