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malisyoso [ma.lis.yú.su.] : malicious (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: malicioso: malicous ]

Derivatives of malisyoso

adj. 1. malicioushaving the nature of or resulting from malice.; "malicious gossip"; "took malicious pleasure in...watching me wince"
~ despiteful, spiteful, vindictiveshowing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite.; "a despiteful fiend"; "a truly spiteful child"; "a vindictive man will look for occasions for resentment"
~ leeringshowing sly or knowing malice in a glance.; "she had run in fear of...his evil leering eye"
~ malevolentwishing or appearing to wish evil to others; arising from intense ill will or hatred.; "a gossipy malevolent old woman"; "failure made him malevolent toward those who were successful"
~ beady-eyedhaving eyes that gleam with malice.
~ bitchy, cattish, cattymarked by or arising from malice.; "a catty remark"
~ venomous, poisonous, viciousmarked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful.; "poisonous hate"; "venomous criticism"; "vicious gossip"
~ venomedfull of malice or hate.; "venomed remarks"
~ vixenishshrewish and malicious.; "a vixenish old woman"