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tabog [tá.bug.] : beehive (n.); hive (n.); rock (v.) [duyan]
Synonyms: duyan

Derivatives of tabog

n. (artifact)1. beehiveany workplace where people are very busy.
~ workplace, worka place where work is done.; "he arrived at work early today"
n. (object)2. beehive, hivea structure that provides a natural habitation for bees; as in a hollow tree.
~ honeycomba structure of small hexagonal cells constructed from beeswax by bees and used to store honey and larvae.
~ nesta structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.
n. (body)3. beehivea hairdo resembling a beehive.
~ coif, coiffure, hair style, hairdo, hairstylethe arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair).
n. (artifact)4. beehive, hivea man-made receptacle that houses a swarm of bees.
~ apiary, bee housea shed containing a number of beehives.
~ receptaclea container that is used to put or keep things in.
~ skepa domed beehive made of twisted straw.
n. (group)1. hivea teeming multitude.
~ concourse, throng, multitudea large gathering of people.
v. (possession)2. hivestore, like bees.; "bees hive honey and pollen"; "He hived lots of information"
~ hive away, lay in, salt away, stack away, stash away, store, put inkeep or lay aside for future use.; "store grain for the winter"; "The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat"
v. (motion)3. hivemove together in a hive or as if in a hive.; "The bee swarms are hiving"
~ foregather, forgather, assemble, gather, meetcollect in one place.; "We assembled in the church basement"; "Let's gather in the dining room"
v. (contact)4. hivegather into a hive.; "The beekeeper hived the swarm"
~ gather, pull together, collect, garnerassemble or get together.; "gather some stones"; "pull your thoughts together"
n. (object)1. rock, stonea lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter.; "he threw a rock at me"
~ natural objectan object occurring naturally; not made by man.
~ achondritea stony meteor lacking chondrules.
~ bedrocksolid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil.
~ boulder, bowldera large smooth mass of rock detached from its place of origin.
~ calculus, concretiona hard lump produced by the concretion of mineral salts; found in hollow organs or ducts of the body.; "renal calculi can be very painful"
~ chondritea rock of meteoric origin containing chondrules.
~ clastic rock(geology) a rock composed of broken pieces of older rocks.
~ crystallization, crystala rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure; external plane faces.
~ intrusionrock produced by an intrusive process.
~ outcrop, outcropping, rock outcropthe part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land.
~ pebblea small smooth rounded rock.
~ petrifactiona rock created by petrifaction; an organic object infiltrated with mineral matter and preserved in its original form.
~ sill(geology) a flat (usually horizontal) mass of igneous rock between two layers of older sedimentary rock.
~ stepping stonea stone in a marsh or shallow water that can be stepped on in crossing.
~ tora prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill.
~ wall rocka rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault.
~ whinstone, whinany of various hard colored rocks (especially rocks consisting of chert or basalt).
~ xenolith(geology) a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded.
n. (substance)2. rock, stonematerial consisting of the aggregate of minerals like those making up the Earth's crust.; "that mountain is solid rock"; "stone is abundant in New England and there are many quarries"
~ material, stuffthe tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object.; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
~ mineralsolid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition.
~ quartzitehard metamorphic rock consisting essentially of interlocking quartz crystals.
~ road metalbroken rock used for repairing or making roads.
~ sedimentary rockrock formed from consolidated clay sediments.
~ sialthe granitelike rocks that form the outermost layer of the earth's crust; rich in silicon and aluminum.
~ simarock that form the continuous lower layer of the earth's crust; rich in silicon and magnesium.
~ metamorphic rockrock altered by pressure and heat.
~ crushed rock, gravelrock fragments and pebbles.
~ calichenitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru.
~ shingling(geology) sediment in which flat pebbles are uniformly tilted in the same direction.
~ pumice, pumice stonea light glass formed on the surface of some lavas; used as an abrasive.
~ aphanitefine-grained homogeneous rock (such as basalt) containing minerals undetectable by the naked eye.
~ claystonefine-grained rock consisting of compacted clay particles.
~ dolomitea kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate.
~ emery rock, emery stonea mixture of emery dust and a binder; can be molded into grindstones.
~ conglomerate, pudding stonea composite rock made up of particles of varying size.
~ fieldstonestone that occurs naturally in fields; often used as building material.
~ greisena granitic rock composed of quartz and mica.
~ calc-tufa, tufaa soft porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate deposited from springs rich in lime.
~ magmamolten rock in the earth's crust.
~ igneous rockrock formed by the solidification of molten magma.
~ limestonea sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals.
~ marblea hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material.
~ matrix(geology) amass of fine-grained rock in which fossils, crystals, or gems are embedded.
n. (person)3. john rock, rockUnited States gynecologist and devout Catholic who conducted the first clinical trials of the oral contraceptive pill (1890-1984).
~ gynaecologist, gynecologist, woman's doctora specialist in gynecology.
n. (person)4. rock(figurative) someone who is strong and stable and dependable.; "he was her rock during the crisis"; "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church"
~ good persona person who is good to other people.
n. (food)5. rock, rock candyhard bright-colored stick candy (typically flavored with peppermint).
~ candy, confecta rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts.
n. (communication)6. rock, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock music, rock'n'roll, rock-and-rolla genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western.; "rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock'n'roll."
~ popular music, popular music genreany genre of music having wide appeal (but usually only for a short time).
~ heavy metal music, heavy metalloud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat; lyrics usually involve violent or fantastic imagery.
~ art rock, progressive rocka style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s; associated with attempts to combine rock with jazz and other forms; intended for listening and not dancing.
~ acid rock, psychedelic rocka musical style that emerged in the 1960s; rock music inspired by or related to drug-induced experience.
~ punk rock, punkrock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock.
~ backbeata loud steady beat.
~ backbeata loud steady beat.
n. (act)7. careen, rock, sway, tiltpitching dangerously to one side.
~ pitching, lurch, pitchabrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance).; "the pitching and tossing was quite exciting"
v. (motion)8. rock, shake, swaymove back and forth or sideways.; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"
~ rollmove, rock, or sway from side to side.; "The ship rolled on the heavy seas"
~ rock, swaycause to move back and forth.; "rock the cradle"; "rock the baby"; "the wind swayed the trees gently"
~ nutaterock, sway, or nod; usually involuntarily.
~ swagsway heavily or unsteadily.
~ move back and forthmove in one direction and then into the opposite direction.
~ tottermove without being stable, as if threatening to fall.; "The drunk man tottered over to our table"
v. (motion)9. rock, swaycause to move back and forth.; "rock the cradle"; "rock the baby"; "the wind swayed the trees gently"
~ move, displacecause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.; "Move those boxes into the corner, please"; "I'm moving my money to another bank"; "The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant"
~ rock, sway, shakemove back and forth or sideways.; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"