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termometro [tir.mu.mit.ru.] : thermometer (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: termmetro: thermometer ]

Derivatives of termometro

n. (artifact)1. thermometermeasuring instrument for measuring temperature.
~ alcohol-in-glass thermometer, alcohol thermometerthermometer consisting of a glass capillary tube marked with degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and containing alcohol which rises or falls as it expands or contracts with changes in temperature.
~ candy thermometera thermometer used to determine the temperature of candy syrups during cooking.
~ capillary, capillary tube, capillary tubinga tube of small internal diameter; holds liquid by capillary action.
~ centigrade thermometera thermometer calibrated in degrees centigrade.
~ cryometera thermometer designed to measure low temperatures.
~ dry-bulb thermometeran ordinary thermometer with a dry bulb; used to measure the air temperature.
~ fahrenheit thermometera thermometer calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit.
~ air thermometer, gas thermometerthermometer that measures temperature by changes in the pressure of a gas kept at constant volume.
~ maximum and minimum thermometerthermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures reached during a period of time.
~ measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring systeminstrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something.
~ meat thermometera thermometer that is inserted into the center of a roast (with the top away from the heat source); used to measure how well done the meat is.
~ mercury-in-glass thermometer, mercury thermometerthermometer consisting of mercury contained in a bulb at the bottom of a graduated sealed glass capillary tube marked in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit; mercury expands with a rise in temperature causing a thin thread of mercury to rise in the tube.
~ oven thermometera thermometer that registers the temperature inside an oven.
~ pyrometera thermometer designed to measure high temperatures.
~ reaumur thermometeran alcohol thermometer calibrated in degrees Reaumur.
~ platinum thermometer, resistance thermometerthermometer that measures temperature by changes in the resistance of a spiral of platinum wire.
~ reversing thermometera thermometer that registers the temperature in deep waters.
~ self-registering thermometera thermometer that records the temperature automatically.
~ telethermometera thermometer that registers the temperature at some distant point.
~ thermocouple, thermocouple junctiona kind of thermometer consisting of two wires of different metals that are joined at both ends; one junction is at the temperature to be measured and the other is held at a fixed lower temperature; the current generated in the circuit is proportional to the temperature difference.
~ electric thermometer, thermel, thermoelectric thermometera thermometer that uses thermoelectric current to measure temperature.
~ thermometrograph, thermographa thermometer that records temperature variations on a graph as a function of time.
~ thermopilea kind of thermometer for measuring heat radiation; consists of several thermocouple junctions in series.
~ wet-bulb thermometera thermometer with a bulb that is covered with moist muslin; used in a psychrometer to measure humidity.