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uswag [us.wag.] : movement (n.); promotion (n.); advance (v.); postpone (v.)
Synonyms: abanse

Derivatives of uswag

n. (act)1. motility, motion, move, movementa change of position that does not entail a change of location.; "the reflex motion of his eyebrows revealed his surprise"; "movement is a sign of life"; "an impatient move of his hand"; "gastrointestinal motility"
~ changethe action of changing something.; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
~ abduction(physiology) moving of a body part away from the central axis of the body.
~ adduction(physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body.
~ agitationthe act of agitating something; causing it to move around (usually vigorously).
~ body englisha motion of the body by a player as if to make an object already propelled go in the desired direction.
~ circumductiona circular movement of a limb or eye.
~ disturbancethe act of disturbing something or someone; setting something in motion.
~ fetal movement, foetal movementmotion of a fetus within the uterus (usually detected by the 16th week of pregnancy).
~ flit, darta sudden quick movement.
~ gesturemotion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling.
~ headshake, headshakingthe act of turning your head left and right to signify denial or disbelief or bemusement.; "I could tell from their headshakes that they didn't believe me"
~ inclining, inclinationthe act of inclining; bending forward.; "an inclination of his head indicated his agreement"
~ everting, eversion, inversionthe act of turning inside out.
~ upending, inversionturning upside down; setting on end.
~ jerking, jerk, jolt, saccadean abrupt spasmodic movement.
~ kicking, kicka rhythmic thrusting movement of the legs as in swimming or calisthenics.; "the kick must be synchronized with the arm movements"; "the swimmer's kicking left a wake behind him"
~ kneel, kneelingsupporting yourself on your knees.
~ pitching, lurch, pitchabrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance).; "the pitching and tossing was quite exciting"
~ eye movementthe movement of the eyes.
~ openingthe act of opening something.; "the ray of light revealed his cautious opening of the door"
~ prostrationthe act of assuming a prostrate position.
~ reaching, stretch, reachthe act of physically reaching or thrusting out.
~ reciprocationalternating back-and-forth movement.
~ recliningthe act of assuming or maintaining a reclining position.
~ retractionthe act of pulling or holding or drawing a part back.; "the retraction of the landing gear"; "retraction of the foreskin"
~ retroflection, retroflexionthe act of bending backward.
~ rotary motion, rotationthe act of rotating as if on an axis.; "the rotation of the dancer kept time with the music"
~ closing, shuttingthe act of closing something.
~ sittingthe act of assuming or maintaining a seated position.; "he read the mystery at one sitting"
~ posing, sitting(photography) the act of assuming a certain position (as for a photograph or portrait).; "he wanted his portrait painted but couldn't spare time for the sitting"
~ snapthe act of snapping the fingers; movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand.; "he gave his fingers a snap"
~ squatting, squatthe act of assuming or maintaining a crouching position with the knees bent and the buttocks near the heels.
~ sweepa movement in an arc.; "a sweep of his arm"
~ tossan abrupt movement.; "a toss of his head"
~ vibration, quivering, quiverthe act of vibrating.
~ wavea movement like that of a sudden occurrence or increase in a specified phenomenon.; "a wave of settlers"; "troops advancing in waves"
~ flutter, flicker, waverthe act of moving back and forth.
~ standingthe act of assuming or maintaining an erect upright position.
~ straddle, spanthe act of sitting or standing astride.
~ strokea single complete movement.
~ squirm, wiggle, wrigglethe act of wiggling.
~ eurhythmics, eurhythmy, eurythmics, eurythmythe interpretation in harmonious bodily movements of the rhythm of musical compositions; used to teach musical understanding.
n. (act)2. motion, move, movementthe act of changing location from one place to another.; "police controlled the motion of the crowd"; "the movement of people from the farms to the cities"; "his move put him directly in my path"
~ changethe action of changing something.; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
~ coming, approach, approachingthe act of drawing spatially closer to something.; "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"
~ forward motion, onward motion, advancement, progress, procession, progression, advancethe act of moving forward (as toward a goal).
~ locomotion, travelself-propelled movement.
~ lunge, lurchthe act of moving forward suddenly.
~ travel, traveling, travellingthe act of going from one place to another.; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
~ chase, pursual, pursuit, followingthe act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture.; "the culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"
~ ascending, rise, ascent, ascensionthe act of changing location in an upward direction.
~ descentthe act of changing your location in a downward direction.
~ swinging, vacillation, swingchanging location by moving back and forth.
~ returnthe act of going back to a prior location.; "they set out on their return to the base camp"
~ glide, coast, slidethe act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it.; "his slide didn't stop until the bottom of the hill"; "the children lined up for a coast down the snowy slope"
~ slippagefailing to hold or slipping out of place.; "the knots allowed no slippage"
~ flow, streamthe act of flowing or streaming; continuous progression.
~ crawla very slow movement.; "the traffic advanced at a crawl"
~ hurrying, speeding, speedchanging location rapidly.
~ displacement, translationthe act of uniform movement.
~ shifting, shiftthe act of moving from one place to another.; "his constant shifting disrupted the class"
~ rush, haste, rushing, hurrythe act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner.; "in his haste to leave he forgot his book"
~ maneuver, manoeuvre, playa deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill.; "he made a great maneuver"; "the runner was out on a play by the shortstop"
~ migrationthe movement of persons from one country or locality to another.
n. (event)3. motion, movementa natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something.
~ happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrentan event that happens.
~ crustal movement, tectonic movementmovement resulting from or causing deformation of the earth's crust.
~ approaching, approachthe event of one object coming closer to another.
~ passing, passagethe motion of one object relative to another.; "stellar passings can perturb the orbits of comets"
~ deflexion, deflectionthe movement of the pointer or pen of a measuring instrument from its zero position.
~ bending, bendmovement that causes the formation of a curve.
~ change of location, travela movement through space that changes the location of something.
~ undulation, wave(physics) a movement up and down or back and forth.
~ jittera small irregular movement.
~ periodic motion, periodic movementmotion that recurs over and over and the period of time required for each recurrence remains the same.
~ heave(geology) a horizontal dislocation.
~ backlash, rebound, recoil, repercussiona movement back from an impact.
~ recoil, kickthe backward jerk of a gun when it is fired.
~ seekthe movement of a read/write head to a specific data track on a disk.
~ wring, squeezea twisting squeeze.; "gave the wet cloth a wring"
~ cam stroke, stroke, throwthe maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam.
~ turning, turna movement in a new direction.; "the turning of the wind"
~ wrench, twista jerky pulling movement.
~ undulationwavelike motion; a gentle rising and falling in the manner of waves.
~ moving ridge, waveone of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water).
~ wobblean unsteady rocking motion.
~ whirl, commotionconfused movement.; "he was caught up in a whirl of work"; "a commotion of people fought for the exits"
~ brownian motion, brownian movement, pedesisthe random motion of small particles suspended in a gas or liquid.
n. (group)4. front, movement, social movementa group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals.; "he was a charter member of the movement"; "politicians have to respect a mass movement"; "he led the national liberation front"
~ social grouppeople sharing some social relation.
~ fighting french, free frencha French movement during World War II that was organized in London by Charles de Gaulle to fight for the liberation of France from German control and for the restoration of the republic.
~ art movement, artistic movementa group of artists who agree on general principles.
~ boy scoutsan international (but decentralized) movement started in 1908 in England with the goal of teaching good citizenship to boys.
~ civil rights movementmovement in the United States beginning in the 1960s and led primarily by Blacks in an effort to establish the civil rights of individual Black citizens.
~ common fronta movement in which several individuals or groups with different interests join together.; "the unions presented a common front at the bargaining table"
~ cultural movementa group of people working together to advance certain cultural goals.
~ ecumenism, oecumenisma movement promoting union between religions (especially between Christian churches).
~ falun gonga spiritual movement that began in China in the latter half of the 20th century and is based on Buddhist and Taoist teachings and practices.
~ political movementa group of people working together to achieve a political goal.
~ reform movementa movement intended to bring about social and humanitarian reforms.
~ religious movementa movement intended to bring about religious reforms.
~ zionist movement, zionisma movement of world Jewry that arose late in the 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine.
n. (communication)5. movementa major self-contained part of a symphony or sonata.; "the second movement is slow and melodic"
~ musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piecea musical work that has been created.; "the composition is written in four movements"
~ intermezzoa short movement coming between the major sections of a symphony.
~ sonataa musical composition of 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms.
~ scherzoa fast movement (usually in triple time).
n. (act)6. campaign, cause, crusade, drive, effort, movementa series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end.; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort"
~ ventureany venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome.
~ ad blitz, ad campaign, advertising campaignan organized program of advertisements.
~ anti-war movementa campaign against entering or continuing a war.
~ charm campaigna campaign of flattery and friendliness (by a company, politician, etc.) to become more popular and gain support.
~ consumerisma movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers.
~ campaigning, candidacy, candidature, electioneering, political campaignthe campaign of a candidate to be elected.
~ fund-raising campaign, fund-raising drive, fund-raising efforta campaign to raise money for some cause.
~ feminist movement, women's lib, women's liberation movement, feminismthe movement aimed at equal rights for women.
~ gay lib, gay liberation movementthe movement aimed at liberating homosexuals from legal or social or economic oppression.
~ lost causea defeated cause or a cause for which defeat is inevitable.
~ reforma campaign aimed to correct abuses or malpractices.; "the reforms he proposed were too radical for the politicians"
~ wara concerted campaign to end something that is injurious.; "the war on poverty"; "the war against crime"
~ youth crusade, youth movementpolitical or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people.
n. (phenomenon)7. apparent motion, apparent movement, motion, movementan optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object.; "the cinema relies on apparent motion"; "the succession of flashing lights gave an illusion of movement"
~ optical illusionan optical phenomenon that results in a false or deceptive visual impression.
n. (process)8. bm, bowel movement, movementa euphemism for defecation.; "he had a bowel movement"
~ euphemisman inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh.
~ defecation, laxation, shittingthe elimination of fecal waste through the anus.
n. (cognition)9. drift, movement, trenda general tendency to change (as of opinion).; "not openly liberal but that is the trend of the book"; "a broad movement of the electorate to the right"
~ inclination, tendency, dispositionan attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others.; "he had an inclination to give up too easily"; "a tendency to be too strict"
~ evolutionary trenda general direction of evolutionary change.
~ gravitationa figurative movement toward some attraction.; "the gravitation of the middle class to the suburbs"
n. (artifact)10. movementthe driving and regulating parts of a mechanism (as of a watch or clock).; "it was an expensive watch with a diamond movement"
~ action mechanism, actionthe operating part that transmits power to a mechanism.; "the piano had a very stiff action"
~ clocka timepiece that shows the time of day.
~ watch, tickera small portable timepiece.
n. (act)11. movementthe act of changing the location of something.; "the movement of cargo onto the vessel"
~ changethe action of changing something.; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
~ deracination, displacementto move something from its natural environment.
~ transfer, transferral, transportation, conveyance, transportthe act of moving something from one location to another.
~ intromission, insertion, introductionthe act of putting one thing into another.
~ letting down, loweringthe act of causing something to move to a lower level.
~ transplanting, transplantation, transplantthe act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location.; "the transplant did not flower until the second year"; "too frequent transplanting is not good for families"; "she returned to Alabama because she could not bear transplantation"
~ troop movementmovement of military units to a new location.
n. (communication)1. packaging, promotion, promotional material, publicitya message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution.; "the packaging of new ideas"
~ marketingthe commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service.; "most companies have a manager in charge of marketing"
~ subject matter, content, message, substancewhat a communication that is about something is about.
~ builduphighly favorable publicity and praise.; "his letter of recommendation gave her a terrific buildup"
~ public relations, pra promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution.
~ blurb, endorsement, indorsementa promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books).; "the author got all his friends to write blurbs for his book"
~ ballyhoo, hoopla, hype, plugblatant or sensational promotion.
~ sales pitch, sales talk, pitchpromotion by means of an argument and demonstration.
~ ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizinga public promotion of some product or service.
~ sales promotionpromotion that supplements or coordinates advertising.
n. (act)2. promotionact of raising in rank or position.
~ ennoblementthe act of raising someone to the nobility.
~ changethe action of changing something.; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
~ prefermentthe act of preferring.; "the preferment went to the younger candidate"
~ investiture, investmentthe ceremonial act of clothing someone in the insignia of an office; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank.
n. (communication)3. advancement, furtherance, promotionencouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something.
~ encouragementthe expression of approval and support.
n. (act)4. forwarding, furtherance, promotionthe advancement of some enterprise.; "his experience in marketing resulted in the forwarding of his career"
~ progress, advancementgradual improvement or growth or development.; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"
n. (event)1. advance, progress, progressiona movement forward.; "he listened for the progress of the troops"
~ change of location, travela movement through space that changes the location of something.
~ headway, headforward movement.; "the ship made little headway against the gale"
n. (event)2. advance, betterment, improvementa change for the better; progress in development.
~ resurgence, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivificationbringing again into activity and prominence.; "the revival of trade"; "a revival of a neglected play by Moliere"; "the Gothic revival in architecture"
~ elaboration, refinementthe result of improving something.; "he described a refinement of this technique"
~ transformation, shift, transmutationa qualitative change.
~ accommodation, adjustment, fittingmaking or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances.
~ conservation, preservationan occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change.
~ recoveryreturn to an original state.; "the recovery of the forest after the fire was surprisingly rapid"
n. (communication)3. advance, approach, feeler, overturea tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others.; "she rejected his advances"
~ proffer, proposition, suggestiona proposal offered for acceptance or rejection.; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"
n. (act)4. advance, advancement, forward motion, onward motion, procession, progress, progressionthe act of moving forward (as toward a goal).
~ movement, move, motionthe act of changing location from one place to another.; "police controlled the motion of the crowd"; "the movement of people from the farms to the cities"; "his move put him directly in my path"
~ pushan effort to advance.; "the army made a push toward the sea"
~ career, life historythe general progression of your working or professional life.; "the general had had a distinguished career"; "he had a long career in the law"
~ marcha steady advance.; "the march of science"; "the march of time"
~ clear sailing, easy going, plain sailingeasy unobstructed progress.; "after we solved that problem the rest was plain sailing"
~ leapfrogadvancing as if in the child's game, by leaping over obstacles or competitors.; "the company still believes the chip is a leapfrog in integration and will pay huge dividends"
n. (possession)5. advance, cash advancean amount paid before it is earned.
~ amount, amount of money, sum, sum of moneya quantity of money.; "he borrowed a large sum"; "the amount he had in cash was insufficient"
n. (act)6. advance, riseincrease in price or value.; "the news caused a general advance on the stock market"
~ step-up, increasethe act of increasing something.; "he gave me an increase in salary"
v. (motion)7. advance, go on, march on, move on, pass on, progressmove forward, also in the metaphorical sense.; "Time marches on"
~ go, locomote, move, travelchange location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"
~ forgemove ahead steadily.; "He forged ahead"
~ penetratemake one's way deeper into or through.; "The hikers did not manage to penetrate the dense forest"
~ creep up, sneak upadvance stealthily or unnoticed.; "Age creeps up on you"
~ encroach, impinge, infringeadvance beyond the usual limit.
~ plough on, press on, push oncontinue moving forward.
~ string along, stringmove or come along.
~ overhaul, overtake, passtravel past.; "The sports car passed all the trucks"
~ close in, draw inadvance or converge on.; "The police were closing in on him"
~ edge, inchadvance slowly, as if by inches.; "He edged towards the car"
~ rachet up, ratchet, ratchet downmove by degrees in one direction only.; "a ratcheting lopping tool"
~ elapse, glide by, go by, slide by, slip by, slip away, go along, pass, lapsepass by.; "three years elapsed"
v. (communication)8. advance, throw outbring forward for consideration or acceptance.; "advance an argument"
~ propose, suggest, advisemake a proposal, declare a plan for something.; "the senator proposed to abolish the sales tax"
v. (change)9. advance, boost, superchargeincrease or raise.; "boost the voltage in an electrical circuit"
~ increasemake bigger or more.; "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted"
v. (social)10. advance, boost, encourage, further, promotecontribute to the progress or growth of.; "I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom"
~ connive at, wink atgive one's silent approval to.
~ foster, furtherpromote the growth of.; "Foster our children's well-being and education"
~ spurincite or stimulate.; "The Academy was formed to spur research"
~ helpcontribute to the furtherance of.; "This money will help the development of literacy in developing countries"
~ carrytake further or advance.; "carry a cause"
~ feedsupport or promote.; "His admiration fed her vanity"
~ conduce, contribute, leadbe conducive to.; "The use of computers in the classroom lead to better writing"
~ back up, supportgive moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to.; "She supported him during the illness"; "Her children always backed her up"
v. (motion)11. advance, bring forwardcause to move forward.; "Can you move the car seat forward?"
~ move, displacecause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.; "Move those boxes into the corner, please"; "I'm moving my money to another bank"; "The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant"
~ noseadvance the forward part of with caution.; "She nosed the car into the left lane"
v. (competition)12. advance, gain, gain ground, get ahead, make headway, pull ahead, winobtain advantages, such as points, etc..; "The home team was gaining ground"; "After defeating the Knicks, the Blazers pulled ahead of the Lakers in the battle for the number-one playoff berth in the Western Conference"
~ stealsteal a base.
~ rack up, score, tally, hitgain points in a game.; "The home team scored many times"; "He hit a home run"; "He hit .300 in the past season"
v. (change)13. advance, come along, come on, get along, get on, progress, shape updevelop in a positive way.; "He progressed well in school"; "My plants are coming along"; "Plans are shaping up"
~ climbimprove one's social status.; "This young man knows how to climb the social ladder"
~ leapfrogprogress by large jumps instead of small increments.
~ developgrow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment.; "A flower developed on the branch"; "The country developed into a mighty superpower"; "The embryo develops into a fetus"; "This situation has developed over a long time"
v. (change)14. advancedevelop further.; "We are advancing technology every day"
~ ameliorate, improve, meliorate, amend, betterto make better.; "The editor improved the manuscript with his changes"
v. (social)15. advance, elevate, kick upstairs, promote, raise, upgradegive a promotion to or assign to a higher position.; "John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; "Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; "I got promoted after many years of hard work"
~ assign, delegate, designate, deputegive an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person).
~ tenuregive life-time employment to.; "She was tenured after she published her book"
~ bring uppromote from a lower position or rank.; "This player was brought up to the major league"
~ spot promotepromote on the spot.; "Supreme Bishop Digby had been spot-promoted to Archangel"
~ ennoble, gentle, entitlegive a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility.
~ favor, favour, preferpromote over another.; "he favors his second daughter"
~ brevetpromote somebody by brevet, in the military.
v. (possession)16. advancepay in advance.; "Can you advance me some money?"
~ loan, lendgive temporarily; let have for a limited time.; "I will lend you my car"; "loan me some money"
v. (motion)17. advance, set aheadmove forward.; "we have to advance clocks and watches when we travel eastward"
~ setset to a certain position or cause to operate correctly.; "set clocks or instruments"
v. (change)18. advance, gainrise in rate or price.; "The stock market gained 24 points today"
~ mount, wax, climb, risego up or advance.; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
adj. 19. advance, beforehandbeing ahead of time or need.; "gave advance warning"; "was beforehand with her report"
~ earlyat or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time.; "early morning"; "an early warning"; "early diagnosis"; "an early death"; "took early retirement"; "an early spring"; "early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"
adj. 20. advance, advanced, in advancesituated ahead or going before.; "an advance party"; "at that time the most advanced outpost was still east of the Rockies"
~ frontrelating to or located in the front.; "the front lines"; "the front porch"
v. (stative)1. defer, hold over, postpone, prorogue, put off, put over, remit, set back, shelve, tablehold back to a later time.; "let's postpone the exam"
~ rescheduleassign a new time and place for an event.; "We had to reschedule the doctor's appointment"
~ call off, cancel, scrub, scratchpostpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled.; "Call off the engagement"; "cancel the dinner party"; "we had to scrub our vacation plans"; "scratch that meeting--the chair is ill"
~ delayact later than planned, scheduled, or required.; "Don't delay your application to graduate school or else it won't be considered"
~ callstop or postpone because of adverse conditions, such as bad weather.; "call a football game"
~ holdstop dealing with.; "hold all calls to the President's office while he is in a meeting"
~ suspendrender temporarily ineffective.; "the prison sentence was suspended"
~ probateput a convicted person on probation by suspending his sentence.
~ reprieve, respitepostpone the punishment of a convicted criminal, such as an execution.