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Kining balayana naggikan ni sa akong pagpaniksik sa mga pamaagi sa atong mga pinulongan.

Ang resulta sa maong pagtuon mao ang programa nga mohagpat sa mga langgikit ug gamot nga pulong. Naglakip kini sa mga sinultian sa Amihanan ug Habagatang bahin sa Sugbo, Binol-anon ug Binisaya sa Mindanaw. Nagtuyok man kining balayana  sa diksyunaryong  Cebuano-English, usa lamang kini ka nangulahing hunahuna.

Andam akong modawat sa inyong  mga komentaryo ug mga sugyot.


This website is an offshoot of my research in Cebuano verbal morphology.

The result of that study was a full Cebuano stemming algorithm. It includes the major Cebuano dialects (North and South), Boholano and Mindanaw.  Although the dictionary had become the focal point of this website, it was an afterthought.

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karon ra ko kabasa ani

good day!

My joy is so great knowing you will be coming here in the Philippines. In the first place, i didn't have doubts about you because of my great love for you. I want to fullfil our dreams. I was like crazy thinking about you day and night. Almost all of my neighbors already know you because i often tell them about you.That's how great my love for you. We often have fights,i admit it, because i want you to know how much i love you. It's nice to think about our plans and dreams in the future, that we will both go to church every Sunday,then pray together every night with our children. But i ofte find myself doubt.Of course i love you but i sometimes doubt if you do love me too. That one week that you didn't chat with me, it felt like i was being cut with a knife. It was so painful. I dont know if you were really offline the whole week. I was thinking, that's impossible. I dreamed about you too,not a good one. But i refuse to believe it.  I was just praying things will be alright. If you have promised to someone else, go to her and say sorry. Marry her if you would and love her like the  way i did to you.Don't worry about me, i've already cried everything and i'm done. Just don't try to find me. You will never find me. I left my employer as well. I just want time to heal the wounds you've caused me. Maybe i'll be gone to my favorite places. I hope for yor happiness with someone else. Thank you!