Dumb American Question

I was wanting to know if you could possibly translate this for me.

Via Oliquino ba dihaaaa.. gihagad bitaw ka. Kakaon unta kag litson. Amew man. Ikaw unta ga drive ni stacey . Or stallion. Pili kas duha.. oa man .

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trying to help

hey, im not a native bisaya speaker i beraly studying the language for no longer than 4 month, so i dont know exactly how to translate this or if im correct, but still

via oliquino (expression that i dont know) there bro, you offered that you want to eat litson(grilled pork), really stupid, you want to drive stacey, or everyone? choose from those 2 options.. you are overacting really

again, im not sure thats the correct translation, but tryed =] hope this can help if its still actual, still it was more than 4 weeks ago haha