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Word - rootword - affixes
balaoron - balaod - d>r~-on~
ba.la.u.run. - 4 syllables

d>r = balaor
-on = balaoron

balaoron [ba.la.u.run.] : legal (adj.); bill (n.)
balaod [ba.lá.ud.] : law (n.)

Derivatives of balaod

adj. 1. legalestablished by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules.
~ lawfulconformable to or allowed by law.; "lawful methods of dissent"
~ court-orderedordered by a court of law.
~ judicialdecreed by or proceeding from a court of justice.; "a judicial decision"
~ jural, juristicof or relating to law or to legal rights and obligations.
~ licit, lawful, legitimateauthorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law.; "a legitimate government"
~ ratified, sanctionedformally approved and invested with legal authority.
~ statutoryprescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute.; "statutory restrictions"; "a statutory age limit"; "statutory crimes"; "statutory rape"
~ sub judicebefore a judge or court of law; awaiting judicial determination.
~ legitimateof marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful.
adj. (pertain)2. legalof or relating to jurisprudence.; "legal loophole"
adj. 3. effectual, legal, soundhaving legal efficacy or force.; "a sound title to the property"
~ validwell grounded in logic or truth or having legal force.; "a valid inference"; "a valid argument"; "a valid contract"
adj. (pertain)4. legalrelating to or characteristic of the profession of law.; "the legal profession"
adj. 5. legalallowed by official rules.; "a legal pass receiver"
~ athletics, sportan active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.
~ eligiblequalified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen.; "eligible to run for office"; "eligible for retirement benefits"; "an eligible bachelor"
n. (communication)1. bill, measurea statute in draft before it becomes law.; "they held a public hearing on the bill"
~ ridera clause that is appended to a legislative bill.
~ legal document, legal instrument, official document, instrument(law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right.
~ appropriation billa legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purpose.
~ bill of attaindera legislative act finding a person guilty of treason or felony without a trial.; "bills of attainder are prohibited by the Constitution of the United States"
~ bottle billa statute that would require merchants to reclaim used bottles.
~ farm billa statute that would regulate farm production and prices.
~ trade billa statute that would regulate foreign trade.
~ law, jurisprudencethe collection of rules imposed by authority.; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
n. (communication)2. account, bill, invoicean itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.; "he paid his bill and left"; "send me an account of what I owe"
~ financial statement, statementa document showing credits and debits.
~ electric billa bill for money owed for electricity used.
~ hotel billstatement of charges for staying in a hotel.
~ doctor's bill, medical billstatement of charges for medical services.
~ phone bill, telephone billstatement of charges for telephone service.
~ reckoning, tallya bill for an amount due.
~ tax billmoney owed for taxes.
~ tab, chit, checkthe bill in a restaurant.; "he asked the waiter for the check"
n. (possession)3. bank bill, bank note, banker's bill, banknote, bill, federal reserve note, government note, greenback, notea piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank).; "he peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes"
~ folding money, paper currency, paper moneycurrency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie.
~ silver certificateformerly a bank note issued by the United States Treasury and redeemable in silver.
~ c-note, hundred dollar billa United States bill worth 100 dollars.
~ fifty dollar bill, fiftya United States bill worth 50 dollars.
~ twenty dollar bill, twentya United States bill worth 20 dollars.
~ ten dollar bill, tennera United States bill worth 10 dollars.
~ five-spot, five dollar bill, fivera United States bill worth 5 dollars.
~ two dollar billa United States bill worth 2 dollars.
~ dollar bill, one dollar bill, buck, clam, dollara piece of paper money worth one dollar.
n. (act)4. billthe entertainment offered at a public presentation.
~ programme, programa performance (or series of performances) at a public presentation.; "the program lasted more than two hours"
n. (communication)5. bill, broadsheet, broadside, circular, flier, flyer, handbill, throwawayan advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"
~ ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizinga public promotion of some product or service.
~ stufferan advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail.
n. (communication)6. bill, card, notice, placard, poster, postinga sign posted in a public place as an advertisement.; "a poster advertised the coming attractions"
~ signa public display of a message.; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
~ show bill, show card, theatrical postera poster advertising a show or play.
~ flash card, flashcarda card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher.
n. (communication)7. billa list of particulars (as a playbill or bill of fare).
~ list, listinga database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics).
~ bill of entrya list of goods received at a customhouse for export or import.
~ bill of goodsa consignment of merchandise.
~ bill of fare, carte, carte du jour, menu, carda list of dishes available at a restaurant.; "the menu was in French"
~ playbilla theatrical program.; "he couldn't find her name on the playbill"
n. (artifact)8. bill, billhooka long-handled saw with a curved blade.; "he used a bill to prune branches off of the tree"
~ sawhand tool having a toothed blade for cutting.
n. (artifact)9. bill, eyeshade, peak, visor, vizora brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes.; "he pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"
~ baseball cap, golf cap, jockey capa cap with a bill.
~ brima circular projection that sticks outward from the crown of a hat.
~ kepi, peaked cap, service cap, yachting capa cap with a flat circular top and a visor.
n. (animal)10. beak, bill, neb, nib, peckerhorny projecting mouth of a bird.
~ birdwarm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings.
~ cerethe fleshy, waxy covering at the base of the upper beak of some birds.
~ mouththe externally visible part of the oral cavity on the face and the system of organs surrounding the opening.; "she wiped lipstick from her mouth"
v. (possession)11. bill, chargedemand payment.; "Will I get charged for this service?"; "We were billed for 4 nights in the hotel, although we stayed only 3 nights"
~ account, calculatekeep an account of.
~ levy, imposeimpose and collect.; "levy a fine"
~ titheexact a tithe from.; "The church was tithed"
~ assesscharge (a person or a property) with a payment, such as a tax or a fine.
~ underchargecharge (someone) too little money.
~ surchargecharge an extra fee, as for a special service.
~ invoicesend an bill to.; "She invoiced the company for her expenses"
~ chargeenter a certain amount as a charge.; "he charged me $15"
v. (communication)12. billadvertise especially by posters or placards.; "He was billed as the greatest tenor since Caruso"
~ advertize, advertise, promote, pushmake publicity for; try to sell (a product).; "The salesman is aggressively pushing the new computer model"; "The company is heavily advertizing their new laptops"
v. (communication)13. bill, placardpublicize or announce by placards.
~ postpublicize with, or as if with, a poster.; "I'll post the news on the bulletin board"