My Hobby

My Hobby
By: Yuichiro Sawai

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ANG KAHOY (The Tree)

ni Edgie Polistico

Nagtindog sulod sa mga katuigan
Mahilomong nagpuyo
Nagaawit uban sa hinuyohoy
Naningkamot sa pagtubo

Milipang uban sa kinaiyahan
Gipahimsog ang mga gamot ug sanga
Gawasnong binuhat
Para sa mga binuhat nga gawasnon

Tigpanalipod sa yuta
Batok sa mapintas nga kinaiyahan
Nagpandong sa mga nilalang
Nagsangga sa mga katubigan

Pangandoy makab-ot ang langit
Diha sa pailub nga pagtubo
Maunongong gamot mikupkop sa yuta
Pakamatyan niya ang pagbiya


Smelly Trip

Smelly Trip
By: Yuichi Katsumata

Seashells which were given by the tour guide as souvenirs smelled. I’ve been to Olango Island last week. This island is famous for the sanctuary for birds and fish. I did have two exciting experiences. First one was climbing a coconut tree. I tried to catch coconuts but to no avail. I managed to get to one-third as high as whole height. And the other one was visiting graves. The graves were so different from those of Japan in sizes and shapes.

My Memorable Experience

My Memorable Experience
By: Min Su Kang (Matt)

Here Without You

Here Without You
By: Le Tat Thang (Romeo)

Story of Shoji Sato

Story of Shoji Sato

Story of Nguyen Phi

Story of Nguyen Phi

On 13th June 2009, my mother and I arrived at Mactan Cebu International Airport and then went out of the airport. We could easily find CELI driver with a big board among the flock.

Diary of Park Sung Jun

Diary of Park Sung Jun

Japanese Traditional Festival

Japanese Traditional Festival
By: Sanae Yamaguchi

In my town, there is a festival in October every year. It’s a festival for children. First of all, children start with parades while shouldering “Mikoshi” on the street. Mikoshi is a Japanese traditional portable shrine. And they are given some money and offerings by adult. It’s a very happy festival for children.

Lunar New Year (Vietnamese “Tet” – Tet Nguyen Dan)

Lunar New Year
(Vietnamese “Tet” – Tet Nguyen Dan)
By Truong Van Chinh (Bruce)

Time: The 30th day of the twelfth Lunar month of the previous year to the 3rd day of the first lunar month of the New Year.
Place: Nationwide
Object of Worship: Grandparents and ancestors

Tet is the biggest and the most sacred festival. It’s the most attractive to a majority of the Vietnamese.

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