Yoon Yang Shik Experience in CELI

By: Yoon Yang Shik (Basie)

Korea Tour

Korea Tour
By: Lee Sang Gu “Lee”

Japan Tour

Japan Tour
By: Aya Sanetoh “Aya”

Come and Learn in CELI

Come and Learn in CELI
By: Sumika Yasue

Lovers in CELI

Lovers in CELI
(A Short Drama)

By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le) and Jung Young Suk (Diane)
Literary Arts Club Students
It was a sunny day in CELI where students were busy studying English. Trang, a new student - a pretty girl from Vietnam had just arrived. She stayed in the cafeteria to take a quench. Woo Sung, a Korean guy approached her.

Woo Sung: Hello. You’re a new student, right?
Trang: Yes. I just arrived here last Sunday.
Woo Sung: I see… me too!
Trang: Oh, really?
Woo Sung: No… Actually, I’m just kidding!!!
Trang: You’re hilarious! And you can speak English pretty well!

Bohol Trip

Bohol Trip
By: Kyung Mi Moon (May)

I want to go Bohol. So now, I will just try to plan for the Bohol trip. Bohol is not very far from Cebu. So, if you stay in Cebu like me, you can go to Bohol easily but you know, the security of Philippines is not perfect. So I need a companion. Fortunately, I already have my husband.

A Poem By: Moon Ji Hoon (Moon)

Throw your chest out

Throw your head back

You can see the star

But, there was no star

I want to cast a vote for my star

I can’t see the star

I believe to meet them someday

I believe them to change the world

World full of peace and love

But there was no one

I want to cast a vote

Still I can’t see

I believe to meet them someday

I believe them to change the world

A world longing for peace, unity&love

A Poem

By: Moon Ji Hoon (Moon)

Poems from Literary Arts Students

Poems from Literary Arts Students

I saw the sea far from the mountains A small island appeared from clouds It was blue as her eyes It was beautiful as her face It was lonely as me Because she was far away from me Forever

* By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le)

See his strong power
See his endless depth
See his broad world
He can see my weak power
He can see shallow depth
He can see my narrow world
But he doesn’t blame
He just waits for me with a smile on his face
That’s why he makes me like him in the future

* By: Song Mi Suk (Michelle)

You look tired, see the sea!

CELI at Tambuli

CELI at Tambuli
By: Jung Young Suk (Diane)


Shinichi Kimura - 2nd Place Winner (Yellow Team)

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